New Year…………New Attitude

Welcome to 2016! It’s crazy to think that another year has been and gone!

A new year marks the beginning of a new chapter in our lives, a fresh page in a 365-page book that is just begging to be penned with stories of crazy adventures, wild romances, job mishaps and of coarse drunken tales of nights out with the friends who make it all better!

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Happy 55th Anniversary Barbie

When people hear the word icon they think glamorous movie stars or elite sportsman, famous musicians or gifted artists. Rarely would someone associate iconic with a children’s toy. However to every rule, there is always one exception and on March 9th of last year, Barbie became that one exception when she celebrated her 55th Birthday. Continue reading Happy 55th Anniversary Barbie

What Will You be Wearing This Melbourne Cup?

It’s officially Spring which means we are at the very beginning of racing season. For most people, thoughts of racing season bring images of horses and the need to back a winner to mind. But for us ladies, we know what racing season is all about, Fashions on the Field and sipping fabulous champagne. So ladies, my question to you is, what will you be wearing this Melbourne Cup Day? Continue reading What Will You be Wearing This Melbourne Cup?

The 80’s Made a Come Back at Brisbane Fashion Festival

The sun is shinning, the days are getting longer and we are seeing the first signs of colour trickling into our favourite stores. You know what that means, summer is on its way, and for all my fashion lovers out there I’m sure your excited to see what trends Spring/Sumer 14 will bring your way. Continue reading The 80’s Made a Come Back at Brisbane Fashion Festival

Welcome To The Fashion Connection

Welcome fellow trendsetters and lovers of all things fashion to “The Fashion Connection”. Fashion is more than just clothing you pick out to wear each day. Fashion is art, designed and created to reflect the world around us.

I like to think of fashion as being bilingual, capable of breaking down all social, cultural and language barriers and allowing us to connect with the world around us. How one designer’s spring collection can influence another designer’s winter collection. How two women from opposite sides of the globe can become connected through their shared love of an envelope clutch.

Together we will look at what is trending in fashion around the world, from glossy magazine covers, to the end of the runway, this blog will take you on a fashion-filled journey around the world.

Welcome to “The Fashion Connection”

-I hope you enjoy the ride!!!!